I am Rebecca Wentworth and I ran for Hancock County Commissioner District 1 in 202o. This is why:

My varied life experiences have revolved around the duties of community organizing and good citizenship. For example:

Vice Chair, Blue Hill Democratic Party

Self Employed in Native Plant Restoration Landscape since 2015

AS, Community Planning, U Mass College of Community and Public Service/Boston

Community Organizer and Volunteer:  Arts projects, Local Government, Outdoor Education, 4-H Volunteer Training Development, Grange Lecturer, Food Coop organizing.

Years of attending select board and county commissioner meetings have convinced me that too many important decisions are made without a public knowledge or involvement.

As commissioner, l wanted to increase citizen participation in local decisions by organizing forums and using more inclusive means of communication so all opinions and perspectives are heard. 

For example, restorative justice programs work to increase public safety for everyone by meshing social services with law enforcement. But without input from voters, funding for new and more useful initiatives can be threatened by special interests.

I believe that by working together, we can use our collective experience, knowledge, and talents to solve virtually any community problem before it becomes a crisis.

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